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The place for Charlie Cochrane's stories. You can find me chuntering about this, that and the other at my blog or on twitter or facebook. Catch me live with The Deadly Dames

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You can find a pile of free stories at charliesfreefiction group. 


  Second Helpings (from Riptide, July 2014 is available for discounted pre-order at Riptide.

The Deadly Dames are appearing at Penzance Litfest at 5pm, July 18th. 

  Horns and Haloes out now from MLR.

  Promises Made Under Fire wins best historical at LRC awards! 

 Out now from Bold Stroke Books, Awfully Glad

Jonty, Orlando and Alan Turing! "The Boy from Kings" in the charity anthology Authors off the Shelf.  

  New release, Secrets in the anthology Undeath and the Detective from Elm Books

 Out now, Lessons for Suspicious Minds (Cambridge Fellows book 10) from Cheyenne

Lashings of Sauce GLBT anthology in e-book


Fiction: Dreams of a Hero
Commission and Omission in British Flash
Romance: Tumble Turn
All That Jazz
              The Uneven Chance in I Do Two      
              Sollicito in Lashings of Sauce 

Shifters: Wolves of the West

Music in the Midst of Desolation


Romance: The Greatest Heart in I Do

Romantic mystery: The Case of the Overprotective Ass in
 Home Fires Burning


Romance: This Ground which was Secured at Great Expense in Home Fires Burning
Aftermath in Speak Its Name 
Awfully Glad

Edwardian Romantic mysteries:

Lessons in Love
Lessons in Desire
Lessons in Discovery
Lessons in Power
Lessons in Temptation
Lessons in Seduction
Lessons in Trust
All Lessons Learned
Lessons for Survivors
Lessons for Suspicious Minds

Age of Sail romance/suspense: The Angel in the Window

Regency Romance
: The Shade on a Fine Day


Bloody Mathematicians in Tea and Crumpet


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